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Project MED's operating model is built upon our partnerships with school districts, community organizations, and university offices. We strive to form relationships built upon shared purpose and vision. We are constantly looking to expand our partnerships and welcome any inquiries. 


Our core collaboration with Northwestern Medicine has been a key area for organizational exposure and partnership development. Many of our advisors are affiliated with Northwestern Medicine

We partner with Northwestern Office of Community Education Partnerships (OCEP) to source and cultivate new relationships with area schools and community organizations.

The Baxter Center for Science Education, housed within OCEP, has been an integral connection for our organization. assisting us in collaboration with RLHS and LMSA. 

We collaborate closely with Round Lake High School's Future Medical Panthers Club. We have organized a variety of MedLearn programming alongside institution of our MedLead mentoring program. 


Our partnership with Evanston Township High School involves coordination of speaker events and medical exposure activities for ETHS's Health Science Careers class. 


Though our partnership is still in its initial stages, we aim to institute similar MEDLearn and MEDLaunch programming with Lindblom Math & Science Academy. 

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