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The first component of ProjectMED is a repository of workshops and offerings where students can learn about the variety of healthcare career paths, as well as the opportunities that would best prepare them for success. These workshop modules include topics such as, “Why healthcare?” to introduce students to the daily responsibilities of a healthcare worker or “How do I prepare myself for a career in medicine?” to outline how students can develop themselves as applicants. Workshops have been adapted for both in-person and virtual formats in our partner high schools.

Workshop Offerings

Our repository of workshops can be applied across various professional skills and healthcare-related topics and are developed based on the needs of the community.

Doctor's Visit
Doctor's Desk
Chemistry Class
Hands-On Activities

Our interactive and hands-on workshops include enrichment activities that provide direct hands-on exposure and aim to inspire students through simulated healthcare scenarios.

Doctor's Desk
Speaker Panels

We coordinate speaker panels by recruiting speakers from Northwestern Medicine and the greater Chicagoland area to discuss the breadth of healthcare career paths for our partner high schools.

Doctor Teaching on Seminar
Doctor's Desk
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